While Millennials are pouring into the corporate world, older generations are trickling out. By 2020, Millennials will make up almost half of the workforce. In the meantime, companies are having to identify which qualities are most important for their Millennial employees and future hires.

By incorporating these values into their work environments, companies may have the upper-hand when it comes to competing for tech-savvy Millennials.

  1. Millennials want the opportunity to learn and grow. When Millennials are job hunting, they are envisioning these roles as growth opportunities. Companies can provide these opportunities by pairing employees with mentors, setting the workplace as a learning environment, and giving structured feedback.
  2. Millennials want to perform meaningful work. Work is more than just income for Millennials; it’s also a way to further personal enrichment. This could be employers encouraging professional development by designing career programs to improve performance or by promoting connectivity in the workplace.
  3. Millennials want flexibility. Unlike preceding generations, Millennials prefer less structure in the workplace. Millennials don’t believe that working more hours means higher productivity. Millennials favor working from home and having flexible schedules to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  4. Millennials want open communication. Millennials are wanting a less formal and more fun workspace. Making the environment a bit more relaxed and allowing more honest communication will work in the company’s favor when working with Millennials. It’s important to think about the tone of communication for the organization and to recognize when it may not be promoting an open environment.


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